Draft league 1


  • Players sign up as either a lineup or a backup player.

  • Players fill in a preference of their role (Panzer, Medic, Main LT, Second LT) during signup.

  • A preferred role during signup is not a guarantee that role can always be played.

  • A player can give a preference to be captain or not to be captain during signup, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Teams will play each other once, after which a single elimination bracket will be played depending on their seeded position. #1 of the group will play against #4, #2 will play against #3.

  • Signups close 8 April 23:59, after which the pickphase will start between 9-11 April, depending on captains availability.


  • Depending on signups 4-5 captains are chosen in a pickround.

  • All available players for the main lineup are added into the player pool.

  • Captains get a panzer pickround first, after which there is a main LT pickround and a secondary LT pickround. After this medics will be chosen. This is to improve the odds players get to play their preferred position.

  • Once all teams have 6 players the current pickphase ends. The first pickphase will then be played as Division 1.

  • The captains choose a specific amount of players into their divisions backup pool, the specific amount depending on the amount of signups.

  • All remaining players after each pickphase are added to the pool again, and new captains are chosen to fill up the next division.

  • If a team needs a backup player during the game they can choose from any of the available backup players for that division.


  • Teams plan their own matches during a matchweek. If team captains cannot agree on a date for their match before the start of the matchweek the match will be forced onto 21:00 at the last matchday of that week.

  • Streamers can note down availibility in a discord channel for team captains to see, to schedule a match with the possibility of a streamer/shoutcaster casting the match.

  • Team captains will be added to a discord channel for scheduling and map choices purposes.

pickphase between

9-11 APR

Matchweek 1

12-18 apr

Matchweek 2

19 - 25 APR

Matchweek 3

26 APR- 2 MAY


12-18 apr


26 APR- 2 MAY