• Players sign up as either a lineup or a backup player.

  • Players fill in a preference of their role (Panzer, Medic, Main LT, Second LT) during signup.

  • A preferred role during signup is not a guarantee that role can always be played.

  • Once the teams are picked and a player is picked as a panzerfaust player in the Panzerfaust picking round no other players in the team can play the Panzerfaust. The picked Panzerfaust is the only person allowed to use the Panzerfaust.

  • A player can give a preference to be captain or not to be captain during signup, but this is not guaranteed.

  • Teams will play each other once, after which a single elimination bracket will be played depending on their seeded position. #1 of the group will play against #4, #2 will play against #3.

  • Signups close 8 April 23:59, after which the pickphase will start between 9-11 April, depending on captains availability.


  • Teams plan their own matches during a matchweek. If team captains cannot agree on a date for their match before the start of the matchweek the match will be forced onto 21:00 at the last matchday of that week.

  • Streamers can note down availibility in a discord channel for team captains to see, to schedule a match with the possibility of a streamer/shoutcaster casting the match.

  • Team captains will be added to a discord channel for scheduling and map choices purposes.

  • Teams should try to keep to the schedule as much as possible.

  • Teams that delay the start of a game by more than 15 minutes forfeit the first stopwatch round of the game, each subsequent 15 minutes will result in another round forfeited (Note: This does not include delays due to previous games overrunning).

  • Teams who continuously delay the start of matches will be removed from the event.


  • Matches will be played in RTCW 1.4 and RTCWPro in Stopwatch Mode.

  • 1 panzer allowed per team.

  • 1 flamethrower allowed per team.

  • 1 venom allowed per team.

  • No weapon boosting.

  • No intentional blocking of spawns or doors with revives.

  • Each team has two pauses per round.

  • Scoreboard and console messages. Accept the console message to determine who won the round.

  • In some cases, Refs may be designated by the admins to oversee some matches. They will have the ability to make decisions on behalf of the admins during these events. Unfortunately not all admins can admin every match so some additional Refs may be asked to assist.

  • Team captains schedule the match for the upcoming week in advance using a specific discord channel. If the match is not scheduled by the last matchday of the prior matchweek the match will be forced onto the last matchday of the matchweek at 21 CET.


  • mp_assault

  • bd_bunker_b2

  • mp_beach

  • mp_ice

  • mp_village

  • radar b4

  • te_frostbite

  • adlernest_b3

Map Selection

  • During the group phase the maps are preset and are played by ABBA format.

  • During the playoff phase both teams pick a map each. Decider is determined by both teams eliminating maps until 2 maps are left, after which the map will be decided by cointoss. The lowest seed eliminates first.

  • During the decider the team that lost the cointoss decides if they want to attack or defend first.

  • The decider is two rounds played using the ABBA format.

  • In the case of a double fullhold during the decider then play another AB round on the same map.

  • In the case of two double fullholds play another BA round on the final remaining map.


  • Players may only play for one team.

  • Players must use a clan tag.

  • Players must not use an extremely long clan tag.

  • Players must use the name listed on the teams roster page.

  • Players must record demos and submit them if requested.

  • A team can play with a minimum of 5 players.

  • A single merc from the backup list is allowed.

Servers and Crashes

  • All games should be played on the official servers provided. An admin will supply you with a server from the central server pool via the appropriate discord match channel.

  • If you have a problem with the assigned server for your match, please speak with an admin.

  • If both teams agree you may switch to an 'outlier' server outside of the central pool of servers. This server must still be provided by the admin team. Please discuss well in advance if you want to switch from your assigned server.

  • If the admins decide you have purposely crashed the server this will result in the current stopwatch round being forfeited.

  • If their is a legitimate server crash restart the current stopwatch half as needed.


  • Your team does not have the right to refuse match casting/streaming. If a caster/streamer is available and willing, you are obligated to provide the information to your communication and game server if he requests it. Refusing to do so will result in penalties that are at the discretion of the admin team*. Streamers need to have at minimum a two minute delay for all casts to be allowed.


  • Weapon boosting is forbidden. However, accidental/incidental boosting does occur and it is legal. However, if a team feels that an "accidental boost" was intentional, they may contact the admins who will review the case.

  • On mp_village, the documents ARE NOT allowed to be passed on through the gate located near allied bridge/spawn. Doing so results in a forfeit of the round.

  • One panzer per team at one time. Player who spawns with a panzer is the only one who can shoot the panzer. No panzer swapping is allowed.

  • On mp_beach, teleporting through the floor/sinking into the ground near the basement barracks is ILLEGAL. Using this tactic will result in an immediate round loss.

  • Document duplication glitch: In the rare event that the documents become duplicated on any map, you are NOT allowed to transmit the fake documents to complete the round. Doing so will result in an immediate round loss. Utilizing a pause as soon as this happens to straighten out the situation is highly recommended.

  • Any use of external programs f.e. spawntimers are forbidden.

  • If your team has a question about the legality of a possible tactic or exploit, contact an admin as soon as possible to avoid being penalized. If a player/team is found guilty of using an exploit that gained an obvious advantage, "It wasn't explicitly stated as being an exploit in the rules", "I/We didn't know," and "Everybody else is doing it," are NOT valid excuses. Spending an inordinate amount of time searching for the next undocumented exploit that gains your team an advantage in a match will almost certainly result in a penalty/forfeited round.


  • The admins reserve the right to modify the following rules as necessary. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Rules are marked with an update date and we provide a log of changes to assist in this capacity. These rules are guidelines by which the this group of tournaments operate to ensure a fun and even playing field for all teams. At all times, these rules are subject to interpretation by admins. While our cup strives to provide the most comprehensive rules possible, not every scenario can be anticipated. Those matters are left to admin discretion based on the spirit of these rules and the situation at hand. Remember, this is just a game and good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times throughout the cup.

Common Sense Clause

  • Players and teams will be held responsible for your actions. We recommend good judgment when making decisions that could impact your team and teammates while playing with us during this cup. Use common sense! Community discord rules apply.

  • Admins can not make decisions on their own matches.

Change Log