Season 1


  • Teams are seperated into 2 or 3 divisions, depending on the amount of signups. Team captains can note their preference during signups, exceptions may apply.

  • Teams play each other based on a league format. Each team plays an opponent twice - Once in a home setting and once in an away setting. The home team can pick one map, the other map is forced.

  • The home team cannot pick the forced map.

  • Teams can also not pick the same map twice throughout the progression of the league.


  • Teams plan their own matches during a matchweek. If team captains cannot agree on a date for their match before the start of the matchweek the match will be forced onto 21:00 at the last matchday of that week.

  • Streamers can note down availibility in a discord channel for team captains to see, to schedule a match with the possibility of a streamer/shoutcaster casting the match.

  • Team captains will be added to a discord channel for scheduling and map choices purposes.

Matchweek 1

21-27 SePT

Matchweek 2

28 Sept - 4 Oct

Matchweek 3

5-11 Oct

Matchweek 4

12-18 Oct

Matchweek 5

19-25 Oct

Matchweek 6

26 Oct - 1 Nov